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For this new year 2019, we are pleased to present a brand new line of wooden boxes that combines modern design with a high quality finish revealing a prestigious setting for our products recognized excellence of French know-how by the label EPV.

Both for our raw materials and for our different packaging products, we always have the desire to work to the maximum with French and artisan products if possible.
We are therefore delighted with the partnership we have just put in place with Laborde carpentry, a local craftsman in Montignac-Lascaux.

After a period during which Pastels Girault proposed a range of exotic wood boxes commonly found in fine arts products, we wanted to reconnect with our History by offering a white box as it was the case until the beginning of Twentieth century.

These new boxes are made of ash wood. Pearl white color.
Varnish and filled with foam, you can find the formats of 50, 75, 102, 152 or 300 sticks

Thanks to this team for their neat work !

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