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New composition “Portrait” by Rubén Belloso Adorna

New composition portrait

by Rubén Belloso Adorna

Pastels Girault El ocaso de Venus

La Luz de tu vida

Catalogo Ruben Belloso-06

El Caballero

No need to present this young artist already so famous pastellist.
Known and awarded worldwide, he is expected everywhere to animate internships.
Now president of PASIT, the association of Italian pastellists, the Spanish Rubén Belloso Adorna has proposed a solo exhibition in the French museum Antoine Lecuyer in St Léonard alongside the famous Maurice Quentin De La Tour who also used the Pastels Girault to the end of his life.
Today Rubén Belloso offers a selection of 25 Girault Pastels dedicated to the portrait of which he says:

“Girault tiene una dureza ideal para trabajar realismo a pastel. Son perfectos tanto para dar grandes manchas de color como para realizar los detalles más pequeños. Entre los colores que componen su gama, existen una gran variedad de tonalidades óptimas para el retrato. La intensidad de los tonos más oscuros de Girault resultan fundamentales a la hora de lograr tridimensionalidad en los volúmenes del rostro.”

“Girault has an ideal hardness for working pastel realism. They are perfect both to give big splashes of color and to make the smallest details. Among the colors that make up its range, there is a wide variety of optimal tones for the portrait. The intensity of the dark tones of Girault is fundamental when it comes to reaching a three-dimensionality in the volumes of the face”

See you soon.

Karine Loiseau.