Girault pastels

  • The Pastel Girault collection was created in 1780. This french product is one of the oldest hand-made soft pastels in the world.

  • The actual range has 300 colors : 82 pure colors and 218 shades mixed with white, with white and black or with colors (blended colors)

  • The Girault pastels are all at once dry, soft and extra-fine, they have a firmer consistency than other soft pastels, yet they are smooth and dense. They work well for covering large areas and for drawing very fine lines. It is very uncommon to find so many qualities in a single product.

  • The Girault pastel has a proper adhesion to the support, therefore, using pastel fixative is not necessary.

  • The pigments used to make Girault pastels contain no heavy metal.

The "Master pastelists" of the "Societe des Pastellistes de France", use  GIRAULT's pastels for their demonstration  during the work-shops they organize in France.


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Frame of Pastels GIRAULT, presented at the Paris Universal Exhibitions of 1878, 1889 and 1900.


This frame contains more than 1000 different pastels  from all the dimensions of the 19th, soft, half-hard, pupil, conical, etc....


Valery's great father pastel box

(End of XIX centuary)



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